Paste @ Gaysorn

Pre-Chinese influence Thai food. Food from the royal court, with interesting stories behind most dishes. Disappointing decor. OTT service.  



Roasted duck, nutmeg, curry paste and saw tooth coriander served on rice crackers หน้าตั้งแขก
*Recipe Credit : Sanitwong Cookbook

Amuse bouche!

Watermelon & ground salmon with crispy shallots, roasted coconut & salmon caviar ปลาแซลมอนแตงโม *one of the unique aristocratic Thai innovations chosen to be served at the inauguration of the temple of the Emerald Buddha in the year 1809 by King Rama 1

Roasted-caramelised beef tenderloin with nahm jim of hairy fruited eggplant, snake fruit, galangal & Thai citron เนื้อย่างเสริฟ์กับน้ำปลาระกำ, มะอึก และส้มซ่า
*Australian Black Angus 240 days grain-fed

Grilled ocean king prawns, lemongrass, young ginger, kaffir lime juice, mandarin juice, buzz button flowers & crispy fish skin แสร้งว่ากุ้งเผา